“To conserve life, alleviate suffering, promote health, do no harm, and encourage the quality and equal availability of emergency medical care”

TEMS – Tactical Emergency Medical Service

The purpose of the TEMS is to train medical personnel on tactical techniques enabling them to enter scenes that are not deemed Code 4.

The purpose being, to extract people who are injured or have life threatening wounds, on the edges of a violent situation.

To become eligible for being part of the Team, candidates need to be able to control stressful situations, have calmness under pressure and have the capacity to communicate effectively with LEOs and other medics.

Selection of members will be up to the Team Lead and is completed on an invite only basis – any candidates must pass a physical and mental health examination and be AT LEAST the rank of Paramedic

understanding TEMS

Are TEMS Armed?

No, they are not armed

Are TEMS there to help the police?

Generally we are called in by the police when there is a chance of casualties, for example a terroristic threat, or if there is a situation where weapons are more likely to be used.

This does not mean TEMS is there for the Police. TEMS are there to save lives, whether you wear a badge or not. YOUR life matters to us and we will do our utmost to save everyone we can.

What situations may TEMS be activated for?

Pacific Standard Bank.

Humane Labs.

JailBreak situations.

Gang War Suppression Operations.

Banks that are deemed Code Red while the hostiles are still inside.

Terrorist Incidents.

Bomb Threats.

Power Plant Attacks.

Triads escaping.

Areas of an extended shootout.

Department of Justice request.


Do I need additional medical training to be in TEMS?

To be invited to join TEMS, you must first be a Paramedic with CCP training you would not be considered before this time.. You would after invite, be medically and Psychologically tested. Then trained in how to operate as a TEMS.

What vehicles do TEMS use?

Fast Response vehicles