“Dedicated to upholding laws in a fair, impartial and ethical manner. We have the utmost commitment to building trust and legitimacy in all communities as well as valuing the sanctity of human life”


The Special Investigations Division is the detective division of LSPD, and is currently the only non-federal Investigative Agency in the State of San Andreas.

SID handles cases that require a lot of paperwork and documentation, as well as forensic analysis and processing of crime scene evidence.

Detectives investigate all kinds of cases, from missing persons, drug cases, gang cases, to high priority homicides.

With state-wide jurisdiction, SID also works in conjunction with different departments and divisions, such as BCSO’s Narcotics Division (DTF), the San Andreas Marshal Service, and LSPD Special Weapons and Tactics for high risk raids, take-down operations, and warrants.

Getting started

Who can apply?

The requirement to join SID is the rank of Senior Officer or Higher in the LSPD. You may submit a letter of interest through the same form as an Officer and you may be accepted, but you will have to wait until you reach the rank of senior before your transfer is complete. LEO’s in other department have to complete a transfer to the LSPD Patrol division before applying for a position in SID.

What do you look for in an applicant?

We look for confidence, competent and proper paperwork, and proper procedure. As a new detective with no experience, we need to know that you’re willing to learn and improve. Detectives have a higher standard due to the freedoms we provide. Not only do we need our applicants to be confident in themselves, we need to have confidence in you.

How should I fill out my application/Letter of interest?

Detail. We expect a higher standard in our applications as well. We need to see the same amount of detail that you would be willing to put on your casefiles, pre-filings, and arrest reports.

What happens after my application gets accepted/denied?

You will receive an email on the government website inviting you to an interview or informing you about your application’s denial. If denied, you may re-submit an application after 14 days.

What should I expect in the interview?

Police procedures, case laws, and scenario questions. We also ask questions about you as a person, not just the work you do/willing to do.