“Dedicated to upholding laws in a fair, impartial and ethical manner. We have the utmost commitment to building trust and legitimacy in all communities as well as valuing the sanctity of human life”

Why join LSPD

Do you fancy a career that’s more than just a job? Do you want to work in a profession that utilizers your mental and physical skills to positively impact the lives and others in the community that you live in ? Here at the Los Santos Police department we are at the forefront of the city. We make sure that the citizens of Los santos are safe and a friendly face to count on in their time of need. Becoming an officer is challenging yet rewarding.

The Los Santos Police Department Hires all people from different walks of life and different skill levels. We dedicate a lot to training new officers and also help those with more experience to jog their memory whilst on patrol. Help will always be given here at the LSPD to those who ask no question is ever a stupid question.

Being a police officer there are no limits to what you will achieve. You will be given all the skills to proactively serve and protect the citizens of the city of Los Santos. We look forward to seeing you in one of our many academies.

Once you have filled out one of the applications below you may be contacted via the government website for more information or an interview.

Please remain patient as we deal with a high volume of applications. If you don’t get a response for over a week then you may reply to the email thread of your application or reach out to a member of command.