Prices are subject to change at any time 

Vehicle Retrieval (per car)$250
Expungement Process - to start$250
Expungement Process - per charge$100
Name Change
Marriage Licence$1950
Last will and Testament$200
Business Licence (every month)$1250
Corporate Licence (every 3 months)$4275
Business rental (every month)$1250
Liquor Licence (every month)$250
Food Licence (every month)$150
Realtor Licence (every month)$1250
Event Licence (per event)$350
Property Transfer2.5% of Property Value
Pilots Licence (after certification)$1250
Fishing Licence$250
Boat Licence$500
Gun Licence (Judges & PD only)$500
Hunting Licence (Judges & BCSO only)$300
Commercial Licence - Hunting (Judges only - per month)$600
Officiant Registration$200
Submission of Document$75
Restraining Order$175
Foreclosure Request$250