The most commonly asked questions

I have a business idea - how do I proceed?

Thats great! Everything starts from an idea, so we would recommend coming along to the courthouse and talking to Freya, she will happily sit down with you and go through your business ideas. We are here to help you explore what can and cant not be achieved. Also – talk to other business owners – many are more than happy to explain the ins and outs of running a business.

How do I know what business are available?

When an existing business has been closed and it is decided it is best for the city that it is reopened – it will be listed on the business application itself.  

I have a criminal record - can I own a business?

For a full business you will need to have an expungement – to join the Business Program you must have no violent or drug related felonies

Can I own multiple business?

Yes, a Corporate Business license is possible in some circumstances

How much does it cost to run a business?

There are a few operational and license costs when running a business:

(A) Monthly license fee – $1250

(B) Monthly rent – $1250

(C) Monthly Food license – $150

(D) Monthly realtor license – $1250

(E) Liquor License (one off) – $250

(F) Combat Sports License (one off) – $TBC

How long does it take to approve a business?

It honestly varies depending on the situation in the city, your request and other business open. Typically, a new license can be granted in around 2-3 weeks assuming no architecture work is needed.

if new architecture or items are requested, it will need to be investigated for compatibility with the city as it is today and how it will be in the future. This can take extra time and is why we recommend an initial discussion of your proposal to see if what you have asked for is technically possible

I found a really cool interior - can I use it?

There are certain restrictions around what can and can not be used in the city.

Any interiors proposed undergo a technical and quality review, if this is passed then a performance test will also be completed before a decision is made by the architects

I have a big list of new items - can you do it?

Any new business is limited to 12 items – more may be added at a later time

My business is open - how can you support me?

Congratulations – you made it! The CALVIN team are happy to help you with setting up business records, templates, discords etc – we are experienced in this area and want you to be successful.

Do I have to do paperwork for my business?

As part of the business regulations it does state that you must keep records and must make them available should the DOJ wish to do an inspection. We are not looking to make an issue for you – but to support you.

Why did you say no to me?

We dont like saying no to business ideas and will always try and work with you to make your dreams come alive, but sometimes its not possible – some of the reasons are:

(A) Its technically not possible to implement what you have requested

(B) There are many examples in the city already

(C) You are a Felon

(D) Your plans may be too extravagant for your experience

What is a strike?

A strike is a mark against your license as a business owner, if you have 3 strikes in any defined time period it will result in the removal of your business license.


What can i get a strike for?

A strike can be issued for breaches in the business regulations – they typically fall into the following categories:

(A) The business must not involve, condone, or support criminal behavior

(B) The business must make themselves available to the Department of Justice for inspections of property, services and documentation.

(C) As a business owner you are expected to maintain professional behavior at all times, this includes (but is not limited to) interactions with government employees, other business owners and your employees. 

(D) Remain up to date with all license and rent payments

(E) Criminal charges

What kind of criminal charges can impact my license?

Simply put, the higher and more serious the charge, the more likely you will be issued strikes.

A good rule of guidance is as follows:

(A) 1st Degree Felony – 2 or 3 strikes per charge

(B) 2nd Degree Felony – 1 or 2 strikes per charge

(C) 3rd Degree Felony – 1 strike per charge

(D) Misdemeanors – Assessed on a case by case basis

Can you take my business away from me?

The DOJ will always work with you to try and avoid any business being taken away – the one exception to that is if you are removed from the community then your business will be taken straight away
If you are inactive for long period (more than 1 month) and do not have staff keeping your business active, we will reach out to you and try and understand what is happening and what we can do to help.

Can my License be suspended by the DOJ?

Yes, if you have been arrested and have entered a plea of “Not Guilty* on any charge that is 

(A) 1st Degree Felony 


(B) 2nd Degree Felony 

Your business license will be suspended until the charges have been resolved.

In the event of you being declared innocent your suspension will be lifted – if you are found guilty, then the appropriate strikes will be issued and as long as you are under 3 strikes, your license will be made active

Can I suspend my License?

If you find yourself in a position where you need to take time away from your business, come and talk to us. We will work with you to try and find a solution that is best for the city and yourselves. 

I have a business but dont want it anymore - what happens?

If you have decided that for whatever reason owning a business is not for you – then come and talk to us, we will work with you to close it down and place the business up for applications.

Please note, that your business license is NOT transferable to a 3rd party,

Can I own my business building?

When you have been operating your business under the guidelines for a 3 month period you will be eligible to request a sale of your building – there is no guarantee that it will be agreed to