“to always provide a dutiful service to the communities and citizens of Blaine County. “

The roles within BCSO

Recruit / Probationary Deputy

Will be completing their field training phases.
Can only patrol with other LEO’s until solo cleared. Patrolling with FTO’s is recommended
Are strictly to perform ride-alongs until your training is complete.


Will demonstrate their abilities as an LEO and what they’ve learned in training
Can Operate within an LEO’s capacity.
Eligible for Moto and Marine Certifications.

Senior Deputy

To take control of situations if there isn’t a rank above
Eligible for Air and Interceptor certifications
Eligible to participate in our FTO/Instructor program


Considered to be in training for a future position as Sergeant.
To take control of situations if there isn’t a rank above..
Required to be an FTO.


Assigns patrol routes and assignments whilst on duty.
Is a primary source of leadership for all field LEOs.
Can discipline anyone below in rank.
Aids in promotions by putting across their thoughts and opinions.
Holds regular briefings and 1-on-1 meetings with the field LEOs.


Will oversee the Sergeants in the field and be their primary source for issues that require a higher up.
Has to have a say in the promotions of anyone into a command position.
Will make sure all officers are working effectively and efficiently.


Will have a general say in how each department operates.
Will communicate with command members to make sure the departments are running efficiently and effectively.
Has a say in promotions up to Lieutenant.


Has a general say in how the department runs.
Can act as the highest command in times of the Sheriff being absent.


Oversees the entire department.
Can/Will have the final say on all things related to the department.
Will work with all members of command and high command to make sure the correct decisions are being made for the benefit of the department.