Court Case 28933 – Guilty – Pepe Rici

Written by Freya

Department - DOJ

Published on - August 30, 2022

At 10pm EST on Monday 29th August 2022, the trial of Mr Pepe Rici took place.

The case was presided over by Judge Harlow
Mr Rici was found guilty of:
1 – P.C 2117 Grand Theft Auto x1
2 – G.M 1026 Possession of Burglary Tools x1

He faces a sentence of 15 Month of Jail time and was ordered to pay a fine of $800

The findings of the court were:

It is the opinion of the court that Mr. Pepe Rici is guilty of the charges on which he was accused. Several factors went into the ruling on this case. First was the consistent witness testimony and that the testimony followed the evidence. The manner in which Mr. Rici had attempted to persuade the court into finding reasonable doubt in the State’s case through suggesting that a individual in Sandy Shores let him borrow the car. Even though there was a screwdriver and hanging wires suggesting that the car might have been stolen.



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