What should be in your medical bag – as an LEO

Written by Freya

Department - Medical

Published on - August 28, 2022

Many of the LEOS have now been trained in the basics of Medical Treatment – you have been taught how to treat the following:

  1. Bruises
  2. Gunshot wounds and Stab Wounds
  3. Fractures
  4. CPR

To be effective in these treatments you are required to carry the following in your medical kit:

  1. Saline
  2. Bandage
  3. Gauze
  4. Ice pack
  5. Splint
  6. Cervical Collar
  7. Taser and prongs

Should you have any difficulty in gaining these items, please reach out to a member of LSFD or LSMS to assist you.

We thank you for your service and look forward to being able to train you on Burns, Drowning and Electrocution

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