Business Regulations – 1st September

Written by Freya

Department - DOJ

Published on - August 28, 2022

During August, we had a number of business get themselves up and running. As such, the following is now in place:

Regular Business practice comes into effect on the 1st September,

From that date the following payments will be due:

  1. Business License – $1250 per month
  2. Business Property Rental – $1250 per month
  3. Food License – $150 per month
  4. Liquor License – $250 per month

These can be paid to a member of the court in 1, 3 or 6 month Intervals

Please ensure that you have completed your Expense payments for the $9.000 allowance

As a reminder – the following subsidies are also available – these will begin in September

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  1. Cooper Westmore

    Business Regulations 1st September, written by Freya, written in WHITE ink, on WHITE background, makes reading this a little hard to do. all that is visible is the links to expense payments and subsidies.

    • Freya

      Thank you . for some reason it lost its template – its back to normal now


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