Welcome back, BCSO – Time to get started

Written by Freya

Department - BCSO

Published on - August 12, 2022

Tomorrow August 13th, 2022, is a big day for our city, but more importantly for our department.

We will finally be returning to patrol beautiful Blaine County. We are all excited to get back out on duty to protect and serve this fine community. The Command Staff are excited, energized, and ready to help guide and lead you to your career path goals. Tomorrow let us all show the city and county, how professional we are right from the start. This is not just in our actions, but also with our words. This is a chance for us all to have a fresh start.

If you want to be a leader, show us. If you want to see changes or see there are things that could improve, communicate. Communication is the only way we grow, and is a great way for us to see who is putting in the effort to make this department better.

Remember your chain of command, take anything to your Sergeants. They will escalate anything for you if it is needed. Lets all be excited to show everyone just how professional BCSO is, but also show compassion and empathy when needed.

Lets be leaders within the community and make sure we take care of the civilians we swore to protect and serve. Every shift, every day, let us all show that BCSO is the finest division of Law Enforcement that they will ever meet. We are extremely proud of all of what you do, and we are all excited to get back out with you. BCSO is only on top because of the hard work you deputies do, and we will continue to be on top because of you. We love and appreciate you all, and have missed being out there with you.

I know we are all anxious and excited to pop on the radio tomorrow and say those words we have missed, “I’m 10-41, 10-8”. We will see you on duty tomorrow deputies.

610 | Terry Robertson

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