Special Business Launch – Key Information

Written by Freya

Department - DOJ

Published on - August 12, 2022

With the reopening of the City on the 13th August 2022 – it is important to note some special circumstances for Business that are “pre-approved”

There have been a number of key changes applied to the way that business are run in the city – the most key points are:

  • There are no more kiosks in each individual business – everything will be purchasable from a central warehouse, that only business owners and employees will have access to.
  • The central warehouse “may” have limited supply
  • Recipes that are matched to your business will only be available to those that hold the job
  • Recipes are now tied to the equipment that is used – you will find a new way to make things, but we let you see that in city

The following key dates are important milestones and will impact the list of business below:

  • Sunday 14th August 2022 – Any name changes to be notified to the DOJ
  • Monday 15th August 2022 – Business will be provided with a list of prices for items in the central warehouse
  • Tuesday 16th August 2022 – Business owners are to make the request for the $20.000 start up fund – this can ONLY be used for expenses that relate to your business (see links below) and book an appointment with the DOJ to be granted access to thier job, keys and the $20,000 grant
  • Tuesday 16th August to Wednesday 31st August – you must track and submit all details of how you have spent the $20,000 grant
  • Thursday 1st September 2022 – Business regulations come into full effect – expected opening hours, paperwork,rostas etc must all be in place. The first months rent and business license will be also be due – you will be able to pay in increments of 1,3 or 6 months only.
  • Monday 31st October 2022 – First round of business reviews will take place – any business not found to be in compliance or active enough will have the license revoked.
  • Sunday 13th November 2022 – New Business Applications will be possible

Full details can be found here

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