Into the the Future for LSFD – Whats changing?

Written by Freya

Department - Medical

Published on - August 11, 2022

LSFD has gone through a few changes recently and I wanted to take the time to announce it all to you.

Pillbox and Sandy Medical Centres. After a review of Operational needs, the decision has been made to close the medical centres, we have had fantastic service and many lives saved at PB and Sandy and it is with sadness that they close, but we now have a new home.

Zonah Medical Centre.

Zonah is our new Medical Centre, ZMC has more space, equipment and everything we need to be successful in providing the City and State with Emergency Medical care. It is an exciting time, we will cooperate with LSMS to provide this medical care at Zonah, EMS staff will be stationed out of the Medical Centre.

Paleto Medical will also eventually be manned by LSFD, once staff levels reach optimum level we will also have staff stationed here to cover the north of the State, more information will come in time.

Davis Fire Station. This dedicated Fire station will be the home of the Fire Department, housing our Engines and Firefighters. The location has proven its worth and will continue to be our centre of operations for Fire for a long time to come.

The Future is bright for our Department, with our new Medical home and the support of trusted Old Fire Houses we can continue to improve and keep supporting the State with saving lives and educating the community in medical wellbeing and Fire safety.

Thank you all for your service.

Dr. N. Larkinsson

Deputy Chief of Operations LSFD

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