Welcome to the Park Rangers – our new addition

Written by Freya

Department - Park Rangers

Published on - August 10, 2022

Good afternoon my fellow Rangers. I hope this newsletter finds you well.

Today marks the opening day for the Department of Parks and Recreation. I have every reason to believe that this department will thrive with the team we have built. First off some introductions. Our top dawg is John Slix, his title is Game Warden. He has been building/tweaking his vision of this department for a long time and is excited to be able to share this experience with all of us.

Number two in command is myself, Camryn Michael. My title is Superintendent. Because, well I’m pretty super. Next in line is Mac Mcfly. He is our Sergeant and has proven to be a very valuable asset to the state along with our team. We also have two Rangers, which I am excited to bring to the team. Mac McLane and Leela Stone, I welcome you both and look forward to the good times we will have together.

Lastly, I want all of you to know that I have an open door policy. I am always available for questions/concerns and I take all inquiries seriously. I am here for you and look forward to maintaining this states beauty along side each and every one of you. Respectfully, R-02 Superintendent Michael

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